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How many different monopoly sets are there?

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Gavin Orr

When I was a kid I was only aware of the British version, which had London streets.

On my last visit back to Scotland I bought the Glasgow version - don't know if it's a collectors edition but although the board has "West Nile Street" as one of the yellow set, the title deed is for "St. Vincent Street".

In a city shop recently, they had shelves and shelves of monopoly, "Neighbours", "The Simpsons", "Disney", as well as sports versions. Looking at one of the web sites I see there is a "world edition" which has cities of the world instead of streets, a random "6 of 24" "movers" (which include a Thai tuk-tuk and a London Taxi) and where the Hotels are based on different building styles from all over the world - cool.

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How many different monopoly sets are there?

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