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EWS: Appropriate End

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Christkiller Johnson

Eyes Wide Shut was an appropriate end for an awful filmmaker, whose last great film (Strangelove) was eventually overpowered by his later and lengthier plodding movies (EWS being a prime example). Though I'll agree that Kubrick's finale did provoke thought, it was not the sort of thought that I generally seek out. It was painful to watch, a film so fascinatingly bad, it *forced* the viewer to partake of its lack-of-majesty. Do not watch this movie if you are expecting genius; rather, watch this movie for the horrific experience of a half nude Nicole Kidman giving each and every line a bucket of pause.

EWS: Appropriate End

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I'm sure nobody is reading this anymore but the best thing about the ending was this crappy movie I had anticipated for years was finally over and I could go get a drink to wash away the memories. I think Stanley was losing it in his last days and nobody had the nerve to tell the emperor he had no clothes.

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