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Location of Hell

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I feel obliged to tell you that the location of Hell is not really such an issue as it may appear. According to a road sign I saw recently, Hell is, in fact, directly beneath the Netcher Road Covered Bridge in Jefferson, OH.

Location of Hell

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Researcher 233969

There are some good things about Hell, which they don't tell you about in Sunday School:
1. OK, it is hot, but it's a DRY heat.
2. Free prostate exams and pap smears...every day!
3. Free Microsoft software for everybody. (Some agreement with Bill Gates in the early 80's)

Location of Hell

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Actually, Hell is about 22 miles nw of Ann Arbor, Michigan smiley - smiley

Location of Hell

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The Pink Ferret (slightly fruity)

Hell's gate is near Rotorua, New Zealand. It sure smells hellish enough. (Because of the brimstone).

Location of Hell

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Hell is stuck in a marks ans spencers food hall for eternitysmiley - laugh
Ten minutes is enough for me

Location of Hell

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Hell is... Well look around you.

Location of Hell

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"Why, this is Hell, nor am I out of it! Hell hath no location nor is circumscribed, for where we are, is Hell, and where Hell is, there we must surely be!"
Paraphrased slightly and lifted lovingly from two places the work of Christopher "Kit" Marlowe, free thinker, atheist (the usual result of free thought), poet, translator, playwriter and intelligence agent. He kept busy.

Location of Hell

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Hell is a train station on the railway from Oslo to Bergen, in Norway..

Location of Hell

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(crazyhorse)impeach hypatia

does it have regular service?

Location of Hell

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No idea! Never been there, but I guess...smiley - laugh

Location of Hell

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Hell is what you make it and nothing else.
Same applies to heaven.
If you are under the impression that large red bearded type people will be tormenting you with pointy sticks in a pt of fire somewhere then im sure you will be true.
Personally i am under the impression the human race have created a perfectly good hell here on earth with teh big honcho i.e. devil being money.

Location of Hell

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Hell is reality T.V. - Soaps on T.V _ oh yes, and cookery programmes !

Location of Hell

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Hell is a perfectly normal name for towns in Norway. There is one a short way to the East of Trondheim (the only time I've ever asked for a Ticket to Hell, and meant it...made sure it was a return ticket) and another in Lofoten in the far north. In the one near Trondheim and there was a bridge, a car factory, a supermarket and a train station...pretty boring actually concidering the hype...

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