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bad luck?

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up untill recently ive seen no reason to beleive bad luck comes from black cats owning some throughout my life. now i look back and remember some bad stuff.

Exibit A: im watching some kids play softball in the back yard a girl hits the ball and is so excited that she throws the softball bat randomly it hits my eye...

Exibit B: middle of the night my dads boat is sitting on the trailor next to the house. the boat is named blaze... it explodes.

Exibit C: (actually this should have been exibit a because it came before the other stuff but im too lazy to change it) im a little kid hammering on a pile of bricks a peice falls of and hits me.

im going to stop here because i dont feel like listing it all but you get the idea.

P.S. this is my first post on h2g2

P.S.#2 This message will self destruct in 30 seconds

bad luck?

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It's the cats for me that have been unlucky. 1st black cat I got died early in his life. He managed to get himself run over (the vet thought, patched back together & then promptly keeled over a week later. The 2nd black cat is still alive at 14 but has always been a sniffly cat and I think he's had mild breathing problems throughout his life. He was the runt of the litter though!! smiley - cat

bad luck?

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I was always led to believe black cats were lucky, thats why brides were given them as mascots on there wedding day.

I had an all black cat, and never noticed I had any more bad luck than anyone else. smiley - blackcat

bad luck?

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I've had black cats and never experienced any more bad luck than normal. That is to say that I have never been lucky: by way of explaination I have never been good at card or dice games. And I always lose at the local lotteries. smiley - wahsmiley - wahsmiley - wahI have always wondered why and how this could be true. One would think that a run of bad luck might indeed be more than plausible but not on the order of "Ever since I can remember".

I do have a few theories though:
1. I am not lucky, maybe even unlucky.
2. My chances to win the lottery are as good as anyones, except where theory #1 applies.
3. Oddly enough I have noticed that: since the first time I had accidently broken a mirror (this seems to happen about every seven years) this continues to plague me. In this case the theory would be: If it is bad luck to brake a mirror then you will undoubtly brake another one before the bad luck runs out just because it is bad luck to do so.
4. Bad luck may come from many different directions at once (i.e. black cats, the number 13, the number 7 {hey, if seven were lucky why does the bad luck last for seven years after breaking a mirror} walking under a ladder etc.) Any way if the bad luck comes at you from multiple directions all at once it seems to cancel each other out. Ex: If a car leaving point A at 3:15 traveling at 60 kph hits a car innocently parked at the side of the road, this is really bad luck (or it could mean that your drunk) unless you break a mirror doing this. In which case (smirk) Good luck!
5. This is the last one, I bought a used car once. Actually I did this more than once but it wasn't the same car. The last car I bought was appearently apart of a commercial fleet. In other words the previous owner was a business using multiple company cars. Trying to think it through logically: I assumed that the business would have the motivation and the means to keep the car in good condition since it helped them make money. And even though it did have a good deal of mileage on it I figured it was a reasonable deal. And it was a good deal this car lasted for a few years and all I paid for it was a few hundred dollar (wait for it). Here comes the bad luck part, I was cleaning it at a local self serve car wash when I noticed that (in pale imprint on the back of the hatch back was the number 13, it was the 13th car in the fleet) years later, between this and the broken mirrors I still haven't won the lottery!

bad luck?

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Sorry I'm a little late in the game for this one, but I just joined up with this little band of roving reporters.

Let me get out my notebook and check my facts. You first (third?) get hit with a brick that you happen to be applying a hammer to. Second, you get clocked with a bat because a kid has bad aim. Third, a boat explodes while in your yard; were you hurt?

I don't mean to be sarcastic, but was the cat in the way of the hammer so you had to check your swing and deliver an errant blow? Was the cat circling the ankles of the little girl, causing her to trip and mistakenly release the bat? Was the cat in the engine of the boat, complete with miners helmet and a kitty toolbelt?

I owned a black cat for 13 years (no indeed, the symbolism isn't lost on me, and if he hadn't passed of diabetes last year, I expect he would have been with me for much longer. I never had a spot of bad luck that I could attribute to him, in fact he was a better judge of charecter than I was it turns out.

Sorry if I sound a bit brash my friend, that wasn't my intention. I just still miss my shadow, my sculking companion.

I look forward to reading more from you.


bad luck?

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I knew a very friendly black cat, it's name was toyfusion by my very old german widow neighbor. She told me it meant 'little devil'. That cat must be 20 years old now, and last time I went home, he/she was still there!

bad luck?

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Malabarista - now with added pony

"Teufelchen" smiley - devil actually I think, that means little devil!smiley - smiley

bad luck?

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I also had a great black cat, James(A), and when he was around i always felt lucky... I love cats and there is nothing to do with badluck and cats.

Mm but i believe in goodluck when you touch a tree before you start the day. On my way to school there were giant trees which i touched every morning and filled myself with... something good.

i don't know. should i believe or is this only my imagination...

bad luck?

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Luck isn't always influenced by items. It may be influenced by your aura, your belief, or other powers. Some Luck are destined & can never be changed.smiley - magic

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