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This is an interesting thought. The minute we are dating, we want out and the minute we stop we want back in. If that doesn't say something about human behavior I'm not sure what does. Of course, it really isn't the minute we are in that we want out, it usually comes just after sex. Of course this feeling of wanting out only lasts for about 5 minutes until of course we want sex again. There is though of course a certain timne in everybody's dating life in which they say to themselves. . .if I'm having sex with this wonderful person then I'll bet I Can have sex with many wonderful people. This of course is about the time when we suddenly want out again. Then a short period after this incredible realization we come about the idea that perhaps it's not so easy to aquire sex with many beautiful people and so are now stuck with no one at all and thus suddenly want to date again. The main question is that at what point do we finaly come to the realization that we want sex all the time and want it whenever we want it and thus get married, which of course leads to having less sex then you were when you were simply dating. Of course I'm not truly this cynical but it is quite fun to pretend sometimes. . .


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hahaha, i couldn't stop laughing as i was reading this. its so true and i try to convince my friends of this allll the time. I am single, looking for a relationship, moderately. im kind of the opposite. i want one until i get one, then i realize that im trapped and i want out before the sex. sometimes the sex keeps me around a little bit more, i suppose but it doesn't change too much. i hate relationships, but people get lonely...dating, i believe is a healthy experience. you learn about people and if you find someone that chalenges you, you can make yourself better as a person...even if there was a terrible ending, no matter how badly, you always learn something and add another story to the book of the boring stories to tell when youre old. smiley - biggrin

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