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Ghost in the Machine

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Mark Rest


I might have known if would be you who has got a guide entry on complexity theory. Its a great page.

I recently read a passage in 'Complexity'. This is the book that tells the story of the Santa Fe Institute (www.santafe.edu).

They explained how computers have been programmed to solve problems using the genetic algorithm. I found it fascinating how simple building blocks were passed from parent to child.

But then came the crunch. To be of any use at all the explanation must cover how the programmer wrote the program in the first place.

Being a programmer it took me back a bit. But thinking about it I don't create working programs from nowhere. I add bits of code that I know work to do some new task and then check it. I found this a interesting take on the Human versus Artificial Intelligence debate.

Ghost in the Machine

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Mark Rest

I've worked it out Si is the atomic symbol for silicon. My very first lecture on Computing Science was given by the head of department. He drew an onion skin model with Silicon in the middle and application software as the outer skin. Don't Panic your not alone. Take comfort in Kaufman's "At Home in the Universe".

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