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Are we the living proof?

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The big bang: did it spring from nothingness? If not, what did it spring from? Did it spring or spread? What is your cosmogony?

Mine appears a couple of posts up if you want a starting point.

Are we the living proof?

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Whether it sprang from nothingness or not, it wasn't a system until it had sprung. Not in any useful sense of the word, anyhow.


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Silly: 1 orig., a) simple; plain; innocent b) feeble; infirm; helpless. 2 having or showing little sense, judgement or sobriety. 3 frivolous or trivial. Syn: SILLY implies ridiculous or irrational behavior. STUPID implies slow-witted or lacking intelligence. FATUOUS implies inaneness or obtuseness coupled with a smug complacency. ASININE implies extreme stupidity usually associated with an ass. See also Absurd.

Clearly a complex subject deserving of a chaotic theory of it's own! Silliness Theory... has a nice ring to it. Anything that can be so intricately bound to chaos yet remain pure, can retain a uniqueness while merging seamlessly with complexity, or can stand alone as a subject in and of itself, cannot be considered merely a technical terminology variant to complexity.

Silliness is clearly a subject (artform?) of it's own and deserves the same recognition as any other abstract form of simple, plain, innocent, feeble, infirm, helpless, ridiculous, irrational, slow-witted, unintelligent, inane, obtuse, smugly complacent, extremely stupid, asinine behavior.

To think otherwise would be utterly silly.


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Wandering Ghu

That has to be one of the most sensible postings we've seen.

Are we the living proof?

Post 25


A) We don't actually know whether it was a system prior to springing (since the spring itself is something of a mystery)...

B) In an earlier post you claim that you can't make a system out of nothing. If prior to the big bang there was nothingness, and following the big bang there was a system, where did the system come from?


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Don't be silly.

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