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Automated Alice

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I'd just like to recommend "Automated Alice" by Jeff Noon, a book first published in 1996. It continues the story of Alice, taking her forward in space and time to Manchester in 1998! smiley - bigeyes
I realise that to Alice purists this may seem like a terrible idea, but because Noon is a great writer it actually succeeds brilliantly. He imitates Lewis Carroll's writing style superbly, populates his modern Manchester with a colourful cast of surreal characters, and is at pains to make it clear that his book in an homage rather than a parody. There are also excellent illustrations in the style of those in the original Alice books.
It shouldn't work but believe me, it does. Great book. smiley - smiley

Automated Alice

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It also squeezes in complex maths and Jimmi Hendrix. He is a very clever chap that Noon bloke.

I personally loved the whole clock striking midday chapter.

Automated Alice

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Dr Prunesquallor

Christ! I thought I'd mention Autmated Alice by
Jeff Noon and Ive been beaten to it! Absolutely fantastic
writing. Read "Automated Alice"!!! I love all the puns
in that book! Fantastic stuff!

Automated Alice

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I really like AA, but most his other books are nearly as barking as Philip K. Dick's!

I've got Nyphomation, but it's a bit hard on the brain in places, and I didn't enjoy nearly as much as AA.


Automated Alice

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Personally I loved Pollen. But then I was sat in the middle of a field on a sunny day sneezing all the time as I read it. It added a certain something to it.

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