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It is known that the author, C.L. Dodgeson, aka Lewis Carrol, was a mathematician. He developed a theory known as Symbolic Logic, like the name of one of his books. It is clear that there are many many mathematical issues in the two Alice books. For instance - When the king of hearts says that he sees "Nothing" from a distance, it is an example of discontinuity , a common issue in Calculus. Furthermore, there are mathematical riddles in the books, appearing in many ways - some of them are hidden between the lines.
This is another layer of these remarkable books - the mathematical analysis of the books reveals many interseting new insights.

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He certainly was very ingenious in many ways(as posted on the Carroll author board). He wrote the story to seduce a neighbor named Alice. He also had a hobby involving nude pictures of girls from the street (he developed a system(scratching the negatives) to erase the background so that the location couldn't be found, or at least nothing could be proven I suppose. The amount of refferences in his novels (including through the lookinglass) are interesting, especially since the novel is being read at schools (not that it matters, by the time a person understands the innuendos and drug refferences they are no longer innapropriate).

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god, dont be stupid. thats a lie. it was written for alice pleasance liddel, look at the acrostic at the end of the book. the girl was the daughter of the dean at the university he was employed in. i cant believe you are even thinking this stuff about carroll.

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I just found this site as I'm an Alice In Wonderland collector with 4 massive websites full of pictures--literally 1000s!
So I've collected hundreds of sites connected with Alice/Lewis Carroll/Alice Liddell so I could burn them onto CDs.
I also collect anything Alice on CD and in many cases made contact with the artistes as many of these can only be purchased on the Web.
My favorite Alice illustrators are Mary Blair and Mark Davis who did most of the Disney ones and June Goulding for a book artiste
First thing I noticed was this reply from who it would seem is a person with no knowledge whatsoever about Alice and reads like the Sunday Sport.
Everything in his reply was totally wrong but then why bother responding?
I know no more about Shakespeare than I could write on the back of a stamp.
Anyone with any interest in Alice or Lewis Carroll should invest in a book called The Alice Companion. To further understand what Carroll was actually writing about then The Annotated Alice is as good a starting point as anysmiley - bubblysmiley - bubbly

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