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Mexi Nuggets...

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For some reason NO ONE from anywhere I have talked to exepting the northwest knows what MEXI NUGGETS are... a devine Taco Bell invention, a small tater-tot with "mexican" seasoning, rather a good snack when you are feeling muchie... If anyone else knows of these Mexi Nuggets that is not from Oregon, Washington, Idaho and Montana please respond with other states that may contain the Fabled Mexi Nugget, I am curious! Fries Supream are something I just heard about a few days ago I have never seen them on a Taco Bell menu from the states I have been to.

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Mexi Nuggets...

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I think you're getting them confused with Taco Time. They are the ones who serve Mexi-fries, the little delicious tater tot things with the hot sauce. Also, I guess I haven't talked to many people about this, so I wouldn't know.

And wouldn't you know, I'm replying to a 7 year old forum post! Hope to hear back from you smiley - smiley

Mexi Nuggets...

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Please sign my petition. I am still trying to get Taco Bell to bring back the Mexi-Nuggets!!!


Mexi Nuggets...

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The OP is not confused. Taco Bell really did have such a thing as Mexi-Nuggets and they were way better than Taco Time!

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