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Taco Bell - it's darned tasty, too

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We went to a Taco Bell in Washington DC (just in the suburbs). It was yummy yummy yummy.

Why don't they have Taco Bell's over here? Mmm? Or do they have some in London but not anywhere else?

Taco Bell - it's darned tasty, too

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Here is Los Angeles we have a Taco Bell every two blocks. They are almost as common as 99cents stores and almost as inexpensive. We could spare a few Taco Bell "restruants" for export.

My favorite meal: Two bean burritos and a drink. All for just over 2$. I have been known to eat there several times in one day. On a road trip to Oregon, we stopped for lunch and dinner at Taco Bell. We would have stopped for breakfast too, but we never could wake up that early.

Taco Bell - it's darned tasty, too

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Stop it, you're making me jealous.

Taco Bell - it's darned tasty, too

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Fat Tum Menace

I remember eating at Taco Bell in London a few years ago, in Picadilly Circus. I don't think it's there now though.

My one lingering memory is that everything seemed to contain refried beans. I remember thinking, why couldn't they fry them properly the first time?

The food was reasonable though and a change from McDonalds and Burger King.

Taco Bell - it's darned tasty, too

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I will walk 20 blocks in the hottest day of the year in the crowded New York City traffic just to eat at Taco bell

In Santiago de Chile they also have Taco Bells (unfortunately, they closed the one next to my house as soon as i could afford to go eat there and the others are miles away)... although, for some strange reason they have an amazingly slow service, and no refillable drink stands...
even so, it's worth the wait

Taco Bell - it's darned tasty, too

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Princess Bride

I eat at Taco Bell at least once a week, and I still love it. When they first came out with value meals (2-3 foods and a drink) I ate 3-4 times a week there. I love it soo much! Too bad it's not over in Europe... Heh, guess we have one up on you! smiley - winkeye

Taco Bell - it's darned tasty, too

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Well, no. We have enough American fastfood franchises killing off our local shops already.

Taco Bell - it's darned tasty, too

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Princess Bride

That's true. America really does like to spread its stuff everywhere...

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