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some dialog corrections

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I agree that there are one or two instances in _The Matrix_ where the dialog isn't everyting it should have been. However, I think that it's far from consistently formulaic, and I must correct some of your quotes.

Neo is referred to as 'the one' not, 'the chosen one' (the 'chosen one' is from the 1984 Eddie Murphy film _The Golden Child_). The phrase 'I believe you are the chosen one' is not used in the film. Morpheus says to Neo on the phone 'You are the one, Neo'. Later, he says to Neo, 'I did what I did because I believe that search is over'.

'Has he seen the oracle yet?' is not used either. The closest phrase is 'if he's[Morpheus] so sure, why hasn't he[Morpheus] taken him[Neo] to see the Oracle?'. This phrase isn't used in a pseudo-mystical sense, either--it's Cipher being an jerk, trying to yank Trinity's chain. Later, Morpheus says 'I'm taking Neo to see her'.

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some dialog corrections

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