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WHY it is Québecois dislike anglophones.

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Though this article very briefly mentions the subject, I just want to clear up why exactly that anglophones are so poorly regarded in this province (Here I refer to canadian anglos, but it has just become contempt for any english-speaker in general). As is said, for a long time there were little to no francophones even allowed in the government of this province.

That was a few hundred years ago, but more recently, the French language -was-, indeed- being threatened in Québec. Employees in some Montreal stores were outright forbidden to speak to their customers in Frech, even if this hindered communication. Finally, the Francophone Québecois put their foot down and stood up for their culture (led by Robert Bourassa in the early 70's).

Now, I'm not saying that all the measures that were taken 30 years ago to protect a quickly dying culture were correct. Actually, I do think they were appropriate for the time. But they are, now, becoming a little restrictive and bordering on oppressive to the anglophone minority. On top of that, they have little hope of changing, because all this language drama has left a lasting impression on Québec society. They simply, innately, do not like anglophones.

In conclusion, I'm not sure how cohesive that all was, but I think I basically said the Francophones have a right to be angry and protect their culture, but please make a little room for us english-speaking Québeckers. We love Québec just as much as you do, honest.

One more thing: POUTINE IS YUMMY! Seriously. Don't knock it 'till you've tried it. I could write a whole 'nother post on the subject, but I think I've had enough procrastinating for one evening.

WHY it is Québecois dislike anglophones.

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Actually, most quebecers do not hate anglophones as much as it is told "in legend". It used to be the case many years ago in certain particular areas, but now, it's OK in almost every place. Furthermore, places where it isn't OK aren't worth going to anyway! There are so many anglophones in Quebec City (the provincial capital) that if there was anything wrong with english, we'd be in trouble! There are many "horror stories" of quebecers being rude to english-speakers, but I can say that, as a quebecer, those relate a lot to the time when the FLQ was still in activity or to rednecks that are a shame for the rest of the province...

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WHY it is Québecois dislike anglophones.

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