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Poutine really isn't that bad.

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I must say I'm pretty astonished by that entry. Being a Montrealer, I must admit that most of it is pretty true: it just feels so weird to see them written down. Do you feel the "but" coming in? I do. So here we go: but, poutine really isn't that bad. I really cannot see how one can hate it. French fries, sauce and cheese. It seems all good to me. And it does seem a proper mix than those I make (blue cheese and nutella) or the ones I've tasted when I went in England (too many to name smiley - laugh).

I work at Saint-Joseph's Oratory as a touristic guide, so, I get to see people from all around the world. I must admit that I do appreciate when someone tries to speak French... but I always answer them in English. I do not get mad, though, when someones doesn't try to ask me something in French. The only thing that gets me very mad is someone from France who asks me something in English. That's a huge offense.

I'd say we are people with a lot of prejudices. We talk in the back of everybody who isn't a pure French Quebecer. But when we do meet those people, we love them. It's not themselves that we don't like, it's their "idea". For instance, we don't hate American people, we hate the idea of them (which is really represented by Bush, so...).

And anyway, any person who decides to come to Québec must have some good smiley - biggrin.

One last thing: about the swearing, I find it pretty lame how everyone knows how to swear in Québécois. I find it always very disturbing when I get English kids in my bus who talk in English but who swears in French. C'est juste ridicule.

Poutine really isn't that bad.

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I've just written an H2G2 article on poutine! I'd love your input. It's in Writing Workshop right now but I guess you could go to space to read it. Thanks!

Poutine really isn't that bad.

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"my space", sorry!

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