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Is this a joke?

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Researcher 215260

Seriously... Who wrote this article about Quebec? This person obviously never went to Quebec or hung out with Westmount's people who hate Quebecers. As if we'd eat poutine every day, fight with the tourists. Also, except in rural areas, no one speak joual, except to make the french tourists laugh, plus you would only upset senior citizen by using religious words in your language since most people are atheists or do not care about their own religion.

Don't be affraid to come to Quebec and say where you are coming from, we are not racists like americans. Not every Quebecer hate every english-speaking person. Only a small percentage who want Quebec to separate from Canada hate english people and those in Canada, not from UK or USA. The tourists we like the least are the french, but we do not hate them.

If you are planning on visiting Canada, pay us a visit! You do not need to speak french at all in Montreal, even though it would show some respect to the person you are talking to if you try speaking french, we take this effort as a high mark of respect. If you do not know a word of french, just speak english, no one will hurt you... Outside of Montreal though, you should get some basic french skills, since many people barely speak english.

Is this a joke?

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Hehe, this entry does not apply to Westmount, that's like a piece of Ontario here in QC. I'm from Longueuil and I can tell you right now that this entry is not far from the truth. Yes, we do eat a lot of poutine, it's the dominant food in school cafeterias. But I can say that Longueuil might be the only city in QC that this entry could fully apply to...that and East End Montreal. I'm bilingual, I speak proper French, but I am very proud of my province for it's little quirks such as joual, cursing with religious terms (I use the English translations of those terms to make it funny) and Joe Louis cakes. Theres nothing like a good Joe Louis and a Pepsi while watching the Habs on saturday nights.

I find Quebec culture really gets interesting north of here, in Quebec city and the small towns surrounding it.

Simply put, Quebec rocks, if I had the choice to go anywhere in the world for free and live there, I'd still stay here (Though I'd probably have to think about New Zealand good and hard before a decision).


Is this a joke?

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4me-2me (Please don't 8me)

As Researcher 215260 said, this article do not reflect at all the Quebec, a massive update who be gladly welcome (I'll do it, only if I have the time) because it contain more préjugés than anything else and our cooking is NOT AT ALL basically the same as the USA.

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