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Speaking French in Quebec

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The French in Quebec is very different of the French of France. But Quebec French is in fact Old french. 100 years ago, Quebec wasn't very populated and people lived on little farm. Quebecer continued to speak the only french they ever heard the old one.

This old kind and incomprehensible of french may be found very far in the rural area of the Quebec. Also a very good kind still exist in gaspesie...

Speaking French in Quebec

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Indeed, I was taught that quebecois grew out of the French spoken in Normandy and Brittany in the 1600's. And, as a side note, Louisiana (or Cajun) French is an offshoot of quebecois, as they still speak the language as it was when the Acadians were deported by the British. (for further info about this see the legend of Evangeline)

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Speaking French in Quebec

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