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Travelling Quebec

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R. Marvin

It is true, you better learn a few french sentences. The locales loves to see someone is at least trying to learn french. But in overall, quebecers are very kind to visitors, but you might get ignored if you aboard one in english.
Montreal for example is a one place of paradoxes. Walking through the rather small city, you could fall on one of the strangest occurance of recorded history, a locale french speaking to a locale english. The trick is that the french speaker is talking in a very lousy english to his fellow english speaker, which is answering back with a very lousy french. This is supposed to be mutual respect, but usually end up to a whole lot of misunderstanding.
Quebec`s Poutine is mostly like Norwegian`s Lutefisk. It is disgusting, dangerous to one`s health, and probably a secret cold war weapon. Still, the quebecers will say they are proud of their poutine. Kids, do not try this at home.

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Travelling Quebec

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