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early morning travel in venice

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Has anyone any idea how to get cheap travel (ie water bus or similar) in the early hours of the morning?

We are going to Venice next year stopping in a hotel just off Saint Marco square but have to get to the airport on our return at a dreadful 5.30am on the Thurday.

We cannot afford a water taxi at that time of the day

What time does ordinary public transport start??


early morning travel in venice

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Researcher AAH

If you check [URL removed by moderator]- a city guide to Venice - it says that the Alilaguna motorboat shuttle to the airport first leaves San Marco for the airport at 4:45 am. You might to want to check with your hotel to see if they can recommend or provide a service to get you there on time. Otherwise you might want to look for a hotel by the airport for the night before.

Best of luck!

early morning travel in venice

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I don't know about how to get anyway in the early morning in Venice. However, I was in Venice last year and had to get a water taxi to the airport at about 6am. I honestly felt like I was in a painting. Everything was deserted; there was a gentle mist over the water as the sun was rising; the water was like glass as there were no boats about yet. It was one of the most magical settings I have ever experienced. So, I would highly recommend an early morning at some point just to take in the magic of the place when there are no tourists bustling about, and, as you look around, you wonder what century it actually is.

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