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Implants (not Breasts)

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Implants (not Breasts)
Would you have an implant in your Skull or Torso that would :-

1) Identify you to a computer system DataBase.
2) Track your location 24hrs a day 7days a week.
3) Allow you to make and receive phone calls without a handset e.g. Handsfree.
4) Allows you to communicate with a Computer more effectively.

These are the questions that we will all be facing in the Very near future please comment on your objections , approval , social comments and how far would you go with implants, increased memory capacity, security for your Job ? eg Drug testing etc..

Implants (not Breasts)

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It depends on how the implant works, If one could turn it off at any time, then one might consider it. However if it were developed by AOL, then one would have to be foolish to consider it. It might be free, but you would have to listen to an hours worth of advertisements just to check your email.

Implants (not Breasts)

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Billy No Mates

One thing you can be sure of, it will only run on Implant Explorer 5.1, and if you try to uninstall it, your brain will no longer work.

Implants (not Breasts)

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If it were made by Microsoft (hurl) it wouldn't work half the time and the other half it would make it even easier for television to take over your mind

Implants (not Breasts)

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Problem is, as soon as the next implant comes out everyone will feel the need to have it, whether it works or not (and it probably won't).

Implants (not Breasts)

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I'd love to have Implant Explorer 5.1 then I could let Bill Gates have access to the 9/10ths of my brain that is never used. He can do whatever he wants with that and then I'll be free to do whatever I want with the rest (the bit that I use). As long as I control the bit that controls my credit card it'll be OK.

Implants (not Breasts)

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I have a friend who is a student of professor Kevin Warwick at University of Reading. He really has one of these devices.
It opens doors for him and he is working at recording and playing back emotions.


Implants (not Breasts)

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I am gifted

This implant would be able to recieve signalls and from communication equipment and computers.If this is the case then Hackers could cause actually damage on anybody stupid enough to wear one.

The device would have to include some sort of reciever and unless you had a switch sticking out of your head you could be contacted at any time.Your life would no longer be your own anybody could listen to any conversation you have.Radio hacks would love it.

Not good.

Implants (not Breasts)

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I wouldn't want any chips implanted in my body. It's the same as saying 'bye bye' to ypur privacy, if you get a chip that people can follow 24/7......... It's enough that we are beeing registered anywher we go today. And as for chips that can ease the work with computers or open doors for you: the reason that there is a keyboard and mouse attached to a computer, and a door has a doorknob, is to enable people to operate them. I think most people are capable of opening a door, they don't need any help. Besides, many doors open by themselves already. So i don't see the point in implanting chips in the human body.

Implants (not Breasts)

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Demon Drawer

Hi Devast8or, I notice you are new to H2G2, if you want people to find you just leave a short note on you homepage anything will do. Click on My Home, then whne you get there click edit page and anyone can then greet you there. Welcome anyway hope you share amd enjoy.

DD smiley - smiley

Implants (not Breasts)

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I already have Damon Drawer smiley - smiley
It's not finished yet but it will be soon (i think)


Implants (not Breasts)

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If 90% of the American population are to believed then we have all got chips implanted already.......all part of the conspiracy between the aliens and federal governmnent. OOOeeeeer!

But we all know better than to listen to the eternally confused and suspicious Americans!! (even though they have every right to question what the CIA is up to!)

Suspicious Americans

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Its not wether you're suspicious. Its if you're suspicious ENOUGH!

Implants (not Breasts)

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That's all I need, just another way to get a head (computer) virus. Not that anyone is interested in my health anyway. I think I'll just go into the corner and slowly die. No one cares anyway. Oh, shut up Marvin.smiley - wah

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