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The changing jaffa cake

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Researcher 94032

Over ten years ago, McVites Jaffa cakes used to have a remarkably hard 'sponge' base which, as they went stale (if you gave them the chance), became softer & spongier. Then, in late 1991/ early 1992, they splashed with a 'new recipe' in which they were, effectively, pre-staled. The sponge was spongier. Jaffa cakes have never been as nice since. (Rather like wine after the destruction of the vines in France, I understand).

The other thing about Jaffa cakes is that you can eat exactly as many as you have, no matter how many that may be.

The changing jaffa cake

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I've never known Jaffa cakes to go stale - maybe that's because once a packet's opened the packet's gone. Even as a small child I was known to trough the whole lot given half a chance. I particularly like the fact you can take a bite and suck all the moisture out of the base.

(oh no! no I'll have to pop out and buy some!!! Has this thread been started by McVities as a marketing ploy?)

God's own confectionery

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I am a supporter of the cause.

I vote a new food group be established: Carbohydrates, Proteins, Fats, Sugars and Jaffa Cakes.

I am of the opinion that Sainsbury's Own brand is even better than the Original: I find McVitie's a tad on the sweet side for my delicate palette. Sainsbury's is j-u-u-u-u-ust right. AND their smashing orangey bit is bigger than McVities.

Hats off to Sainsbury's... they'vr improved upon something that was perfect before.

God's own confectionery

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Can't say I've tried the sainsburys variety. All the jaffa cakes at HJASI events are mcvites. I'll be rushing down to my nearest Sainsburys to try them though! I'm all for the new food groups. Imagine OK you must eat at least two itens from each group. Hang on. Does that mena I have to limit myself to two jaffa cakes a day. No it must mean two packets!


God's own confectionery

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I went out at lunchtime on a mission to buy Jaffa cakes (and do normal other things) and whilst in Poundland I spotted a box of Jaffa cake mis-shapes! No brand I'd ever heard of - but I resisted the urge to spend a pound on them, even though the box was heeuuuge, I'm not sure I could've coped with imperfect Jaffas.

The changing jaffa cake

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I am addicted to jaffa cakes!!!!!. I get cravings for them. Tragically, I have not been able to find them in the US. As soon as I touch British or Irish soil, the first thing I do is go out and buy a package. Then they are gone, usually before I am out of the car park and I have to go back into the store and buy more. Does anyone know if they can be found in the US or North America at all, anywhere????? I have looked in Canada but haven't seen them. Jaffa cake appreciation society, HELP!!!

Pims sells a version here but they are in no way as good as the real things. The Pims are too sweet and the chocolate and orangey bits are simply average and not in any way smashing. They are too depressing to eat most of the time for they just make me long for the real thing. However, you still always eat as many as you have.

The changing jaffa cake

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I'm in the USA too and your article has suddenly reminded me of my own Jaffa-devouring tendencies.

I asked Alta Vista "Where can I buy Jaffa Cakes in the USA" and it gave me a history of the USA and an album by Cake, whoever they are.

It also gave me:

Jaffa cakes, truly the food of gods. As of yet only available in the UK but they will spread soon the world will know of the glory that is a jaffa cake....
URL: http://www.snowdons.demon.co.uk/jaffa.html

but I got an error 404 when I clicked on it

I also got http://www.jaffacakes.co.uk (the official McVities website) and http://www.ifeg.com/index_sponge_jaffa.html which was interesting if not especially useful.

Now I'll be phoning the local speciality food shops - I managed to find Patak's curry a little while ago so I'm sure they'll have the food of the gods!

The changing jaffa cake

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AEndr, The Mad Hatter

It is tragic, certain new friends of mine, who have just arrived in England to study at University had NEVER HEARD of Jaffa Cakes. Needless to say, I have remedied this. But they now bemoan that when they return to the US, they will not be able to purchase or otherwise acquire such delights.

Perhaps all those US worshippers of Jaffa Cakes ought to petition McVities to introduce them to those Jaffa-forsaken shores.

The changing jaffa cake

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ok your missing site has transfered to http://www.terminal-annex.freeserve.co.uk/personal/jaffa.html

God's own confectionery

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Dinsdale Piranha

Have you tried Sainsbury's Jaffa Cake Bars? These apply the perfection that is the Jaffa Cake concept and apply it to one of my other favourite things - The Cake Bar. The Orangey bit might be a bit too soft for Jaffa Cake purists, but if considered on their own merits, they are just fabulous. Other Cake Bars you might lie to try include Penguins and various flavoured 'Own Brand' ones. Go to Sainsbury's and discover a whole new experience.

God's own confectionery

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Dinsdale Piranha

Got a bit carried away with the word 'apply' there. I should have written 'These TAKE the perfection...'.


God's own confectionery

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I am here as head quatermaster of the Jaffa Cake Liberation Army!

>>>Free The Jaffa From The Tyranny Of The Packets!!<<<

Free Jaffa Cakes!! Free! We shall not rest!


Am I nuts

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Gag Halfrunt

I actually prefer cheap imitation jaffi (namely the ones from safeway)

Am I nuts

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Hurry up and wait

Yes you are!!!!!!!

They do not have nuts in them. (joke)

Am I nuts

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Gag Halfrunt

where joke?

Am I nuts

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Hurry up and wait

no Joke! did not want to seem unkind about you being nuts!!!!!
Full Moon!
half Moon!
Total Eclipse
Yum Yum!!

Am I nuts

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Hurry up and wait

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