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Russian Jaffa Cakes

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Someone I know recently won some Jaffa Cakes at bingo. They were practically identical to the normal kind but the lettering on the box was in the Russian alphabet, they were blackcurrant or cherry instead of orangey, and they tasted foul. Anyone else encountered them?

Russian Jaffa Cakes

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I came across Jaffa Cakes in Finland a couple of years ago. They had rather elaborate, high-class packaging as opposed to the cartoony British packets. As I recall they came in lemon, strawberry and lime, but not the holy orange.

I didn't try them.

Russian Jaffa Cakes

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In Holland they have Jaffa Cakes called 'Pims'
They come in cherry-flavour as well as in orange
I admit that I don't know what they taste like though...

Russian Jaffa Cakes

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Having been brought up on the British version and having even spent a time on the manufacturing lines at McVities, it was a surprise to see various continental brands and to realise - as in so many other things - the British might have invented them but other people do it better. Belgian Jaffas, for instance, have an orange jelly that occupies the whole upper surface of the cake - not just a vague blob in the middle, this goes to the rim around the whole circumference. And being Belgian - the chocolate is infinitely superior. No comparison.

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