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Jaffa Conspiricy!

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Jeffery the hyper-intelligent guitar

I have grave news to all Jaffa Cake lovers... I fear that our blessed cake is... ADDICTIVE!!! Yes I have recently started buying the holy snack with my own money since I got a job (im only 16) and have now eaten over 20 tubes in the past... er... month i think! I cant stop buying them! Im supposed to be saving for a new bass guitar but guess where all my money dissapears to... yes the McVittie company! As I type these words now there is an empty tube infront of me if we are not careful they will take us over and we will all become a nation of Jaffa zombies! So I say act now and send me all you Jaffa Cakes so no more innocent people can be hurt by this most tempting of evils. Send me them all so I can dispose of them in a just mannor. I am prepared to lay down my life for the good of the world, just give me the cakes!!!

(Shortly after writing this the author was approached by 2 men in white coats who pesuaded him to put on a strangely kinky whiye coat with straps and really long sleeves)

Jaffa Conspiricy!

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Students of the world rejoice. Here, in your local happy shopper/Smile/Local corner shop, there can be found Jaffa Cake misshapes.

These poor unhappy rejects can now be found and consumed with as much pleasure as their more perfect bretheren, but at half the price for twice as many!

I feel it is our duty to rescue these poor specimens and ensure their end is truely a happy one...

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