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Muisc in cars

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Evil Jack McDeath

Why is it that you only ever hear "dance" music emanating from really loud car stereos? Does it follow that fans of country / rock 'n' roll/ heavy metal / garage punk / industrial noise / freakbeat / blues / western swing or indeed any other genre prefer to listen to their music of choice at a lesser volume while on the move? Seems unlikely to me.

Muisc in cars

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I think that people who listen to "dance" music really loud in their cars, so that others passing my get vibrating limbs, are simply showing off. They don't have much to offer, so they give you stale beats, simple lyrics (love me, love me, yeah, love me) and try to pick you up. People with the other stated tastes in music are obviously more refined. Or more clever. Whilst other let everybody have a listen to their music, the others ask: "Fancy coming home with me and listening to my record collection." See ? Apart from that I reckon that punck rock etc. is especially listened to (in cars) on the motorway, speeding (here in Germany) and nobody passed by can get a glimpse because your so fast.

Muisc in cars

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Researcher 140841

I believe that any one playing their "music", and I use the word very loosely, at decibels to which the cars next to them, the road, pedestrians, dogs, trees and light fixtures begin to quake in a manner they were not meant to do so should be taken to a large room with amazing acoustics, duck taped to a chair and forced to listen to in their personal opinion of course the worst sound or music until such time as they scream out in sure insanity thus curing them if all goes well of whatever crazy disease caused them in the first place to loose any considerate bone in their bodies for their fellow humans......this of course is purely my personal opinion but I digress considering these people probably have no hearing to speek of anyway..

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