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1. If you are short of money, you should ask for "menu" (it's re-translated from Hungarian, I hope this is the correct term). Menu is a container object, it consists of three atomic objects selected by specialists, so it's almost sure that one of the available menus will fit your needs. Its advantage is that the price of a menu is lower than the sum of the elements' price.

2. Select your cassa carefully. It is worth to analyze which employee is fast, which is lame.

3. If you're in hurry, try to explore which kind of feed is available instantly. You should check out the table between the kitchen and cassa area. Don't try to ask this from employees, they will don't understand you.



Tips and tricks

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Takes some doing, but these are worthwhile tips once you work them out. I think the best translation on tip 1 is "value meal".


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the term '100% beef' is, by EC rules the official title of a yakkish creature that is bred in damp airing cupboards to produce these burgers. this animal's flesh has a pulpy consistency and tastes unlike chicken. it is poisonous to human beings, but is also cheap. No body part of the '100% beef' is wasted, it's ears form the lettice after heavy proccessing, it's buttocks form the bread after they have been light fried for 36 hours. slices of eyeball make pickle and the chocolate milkshake is collected to make shit.

close relatives include the 'chicken nugget' which are a smaller cousin of the species and are harvested from the undersides wheel barrows and the 'fry' which is a a heavily fried nemitode worm

Tips and tricks

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cafram - in the states.

Or it could be along the lines of "bouncy bouncy...My hovercraft is full of eels." smiley - smiley

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Often in several of these fast food places, the beef burgers are Made out of Hovercraft rubber, and I wouldn't be at all surprised if what they claim are onions are in fact baby eels...

The best thing to do in a fast food place is to, as soon as you have recieved your food, hold up an onion ring high above your head, and shout out "Look sir, droids!"
Need I tell anyone why?

tricks and tips

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Yes, i'll bite, probably an unwise thing when the talk is about fast food, why?

tricks and tips

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It's the classic way to find out who's a Star Wars fan in the place.

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