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big geordie(96920)

I believe the saying is "Space the final frontier". Some people say "why is everyone going on about space, there's nothing out there". The space boffins say that space is a void and that it is empty of anything. I think that there is something out there. What about all the gasses that escape from this planet alone, and the dust that is kicked up from other planets via volcano's etc. That is not to mention all the junk that we ourselves deposit out there,(I suppose it is the last place we can put our rubbish, we've almost filled everywhere else). So if all this is in this so called 'VOID' how can it be empty. Star Wars, Star Trek, is just a story at the moment but in just a few years these story's will probably be a reality. When will the powers that be, realise that the future of our race is out there in space. We are killing this planet and ourselves with it. I am an old man now, I might see a man/woman (must be politicaly correct)set foot on mars. There has been some very interesting programes on TV lately about what NASA is NOT telling us.
What are they afraid of? Do they already have a secret base up there, which would not surprise me. They had some funny thing going on when I was in the military. So why can't they use this technology to further the survival rateings of the human race? Now that an old man has let off steam, I will go and have my hot chocolate and have an early night. I hope you all can understand my ramblings. I'll rub the stifness out of these old fingers again soon. Ta Ta for now.


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Hi '920, If you don't minnd me calling you that for nowsmiley - bigeyes. You've certainly raised a few points there, I'll have to think about that lot for a while. In the meanwhile you may like to click on another page that I've got under construction at the moment [Apocalypse scenarios] which I hope you might find interesting and let me have your views. click on http://h2g2.com/A185438 Best Wishes A.M.


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Well, my friend, I sympathize with your state of mind.
Though I'm older some days, younger others, I am painfully aware that the dreams of space that I grew up with are far beyond the reach of the time I have left.
I have, however, stopped cursing 'the powers that be', and instead encourage other, younger ones to follow the dream.
Eventually, we'll get there.


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Thanks from me also... you have stated a 'call to arms' that hopefully many will support.
It seems to me that our society is currently re-inforcing the natural trend towards a 'selfish generation'.
There is no one specifically to blame, it is just human nature. However, once we recognise it for what it is there is a chance that we might introduce other 'trends' that counteract its effect. I see DAs books and h2g2.com in this light.
Here we are contributing to a 'publication' that is based upon some very liberating principles.
We have the chance to present a very positive perspective on the future... presenting action plans etc. that take into account our lessons from the past. If we can sell this to the current generation (and those to come) I believe there is wonderful hope.

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