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Chris Horton

Unfortunately I only got to hear a few episodes of Journey Into Space, however I thoroughly enjoyed the later productions of "Space Force". This show ran for two series and I have to say had me completely hooked as a child. I have often tried to find information on these series, but there is very little available. Indeed, it surprises me that the BBC have not (to my knowledge) made these available for purchase.

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Researcher 193785

Hi folks.
Its so great to be able to live again the excietment of a childhood, that grew up with the likes of Jet Morgan and his crew, as they sped off into the unknown depths of the solar system,
thanks to the creative mind of CHARLES CHILTON, Who himself is a well known amateur astronomer.
Likewise I myself, having a great interest in ASTRONOMY took up the hobby in my young years as a 10 year old, and have been a member of the MANCHESTER ASTRONOMICAL SOCIETY for 20 years, 4 years as president, I am very proud to say I took part in a tribute that was broadcast to CHARLES CHILTON, and have the copies of his books of J.I.S.signed.
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Thank god I finally found a reference to this excellent radio serial. I too have had little luck in tracking it down, and am now even more frustrated as I never knew it ran for two seasons - all I really remember is Chipper Barnet and some silver-haired alien women... oh, and music lifted from the films 'Logan's Run' and 'Capricorn One'.

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Researcher 230349

Check out


Space Force is being repeated! Starting the 7 May 2003.

Space Force

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I've got all the "Journey Into Space" tapes, which is great, but identifying some of the supporting casting drives me mad, and I always want to know every voice. I can often recognise David Jacobs (even, for instance, playing a Scot), but can't guarantee to. Because the serials were done like Light Entertainment, rather than like other Drama programmes, there seems no definitive record.
I have a nasty suspicion no-one knows accurately. For instance, in the recorded discussion, David Jacobs says that he played Whitaker, the first 'conditioned type' the expedition encounters. Well, unless he played umpteen scenes conversing with himself (possible), this does not seem to be right. He certainly played other conditioned types.
Can anyone help???

Space Force

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Leri II [Saver of Snails] [Mistress of Fen, the Ultrahound of Myrf]

You can get Space Force CDs and MP3 CDs for very reasonable prices from the OTR (old time radio) section of this site: www.jesusreigns.co.uk!

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