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Pat La Mouche

There is a difference between British DJ's and others: British DJ's only play 2 hour sets, while other DJ's, amateurs and professionals consider 6 to 8 hour sets to be normal. British DJ's get paid MORE for their 2 hour sets than others for their much longer sets.
This is a very strange situation, especially if one takes into consideration that the best DJ's are non-British, or Brits who work abroad...
(And don't get me started on British clubs!)

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The reason British DJs play shorter sets is because of the rubbish licensing laws in England. If a British DJ played a 6 hour set, then they wouldn't be able to get to the bar and get a pint in, would they? And surely it's simply a demonstration of the characteristsic British shrewdness to do shorter sets and get paid more, so they can get more pints in.
Mind you I have to say i like the way you say 'the best DJs are non-British' as if it's a properly established fact with scientific evidence, when it's obviously the rather ill-thought through opinion of someone who sounds like feel they got overcharged when they went to see, say, Seb Fontaine or somesuch play for 2 hours in a club that was a bit packed and didn't have a fountain in the middle of the dancefloor or something. I notice you've not bothered taking into account the fact that you're not specifying the kind of music you're talking about - name me two half-decent non-british drum 'n' bass DJs, for example.

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Jagged Jack

I could name you at least 20 'Half decent' non British Drum 'n' Bass DJ's but i won't because that would just make what you said look silly.

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