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benjahv: windswept and interesting

i learnt the other day (in a pub) that guiness should never be drunk from the same glass. everytime i asked for one of similar the barman mentioned this, and did get me a new glass. at the end of the session i had quite a collection of glasses, but the barman seemed happy. has this happened to anyone else, or does anyone know why you need a new glass? i didnt think to ask the man.

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In Ireland, all drinks are served in fresh glasses so haven't come across anything particular about Guinness.

Though a possible explaination is the dregs of head which are left on the sides of the glass. Considering you're meant to let a pint settle, it wouldn't seem like a good idea to pour a fresh one in on top of this. Just a thought

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benjahv: windswept and interesting

okay, thanks for that. i think you have the right idea with the dregs being leftover and not wanting to spoil the next pint by using the same glass. smiley - cheers

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