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Green Guinness

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I've always been rather mistified by this whole green beer phonomona on St Patty's day. Also I would probably kill some one who attempted to put green food colouring into my Guinness.

After saying that, we did sacrifice a pint this year to see if anything actually happened. Well we didn't sacrifice it, we drank it any way. We couldn't tell by looking or tasteing that anything had been done to it.

Green Guinness

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Bez (arguaby the finest figure of a man ever found wearing Bez's underwear) <underpants>

I seem to remember a cocktail entry somewhere on here (A71614) that advocated using Creme de Methé for the colour. Personally I'd much rather my pint didn't taste of mouthwash. The entry didn't seem too keen either. Some of the recipes are quite good though.

smiley - stout

Green Guinness

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Gozer the Gozarian

I myself have tinited my Guinness green on St. Patty's Day and it wasn't until the dregs of my cup that I could see (while holding it up to the light) that it was in fact green. The only effect that you could see for the most part was the head, which was a deep, deep green.

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