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PCN - bought pay&display ticket online with wrong reg. Challenge?

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A new(ish) development has been being able to buy a pay&display ticket online or with an app, but unlike a physical ticket you need to put in your car reg (for obvious reasons of ID). Because of this I wonder if anyone has challenged successfully based on the below scenario or should I just pay up:
I had put my car into service last Friday and had used a courtesy car. On the same day, I was issued a PCN in Hounslow borough because I used my own car reg (defaulted) to buy a ticket via a parking app.
The informal representation challenge rejected my argument (with accompanying proofs). I concede I fall foul of the letter of the law, however, I obviously feel that I have complied with the spirit having actually bought a ticket but under the wrong reg.
The next step is either pay the discounted PCN or make a formal representation. What say you?

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PCN - bought pay&display ticket online with wrong reg. Challenge?

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