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Recently my wife received what we thought was a PCN, including photographs, through the post stating she was in violation of parking regulations at a McDonald’s car park on the A4 near Heathrow and she should pay £50 fine immediately or risk all sorts of unsavoury consequences. Upon investigation we found it was not a pucker PCN at all but something made to look like a PCN issued by a Private Parking Company (PPC). The company in question is The Met Parking Services.

Our investigations showed that PPCs are not backed by any aspect of criminal law as local authority employed Traffic Wardens are. PPCs rely on the law of contract which is a whole different kettle of fish.

We have read on many other forums that the way to deal with these people is to ignore them. What happens is; they will start with the initial notice, then over a period of several months further correspondence will follow with threats of higher costs, CCJs and bailiffs all of which, apparently, are empty threats designed to get the weaker willed victims to pay up. This will last for about 6 – 9 months before they give up.

Now, I’m no expert and my post is based on what I have read on other forums so don't take it as gospel. My advice to you would be before you pay a PCN check that it is a pucker PCN issued by an official authority and do your own research. At the very least follow this link and read the very interesting post before deciding what to do.

We are going to ignore the notice for now and see what happens. I will update this conversation as things happen.

I would be interested to hear from anybody else who has fallen foul of these PPCs.

Happy parking


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Hi LittleJohnnyLee

I have found myself in a similar position as to which you found yourself a couple of years ago. What was the up shot of ignoring the PPC demand?



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I have just recieved a ticket in a morrisons car park today I am fuming the guy was so intimidating and I refused to accept it from him. He then stood behind my car it was as if he was trying to get run over so he could sue me I have received similar advice to just ignore the letters as they eventually stop. I was parked in a disabled space and failed to display my mums badge who i was travelling with. I telephoned the store manager to complain who assured me if i sent proof of the badge it would be quashed but i am just going to ignore it. I see this was a pretty old post and would like to know how it turned out thanks for putting it on though.

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