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Hi all,

here's a good one....!

I was in Stratford upon Avon yesterday with my wife, well I foolishly pulled into a road and stopped to let her out to post some letters in a nearby post box, I also sent a text message from my phone. This was at 17:26 and 39 seconds, a traffic womble came up to me and asked if I had a blue parking permit, I said no, he immediately started writing out a ticket, been a bit insensed at this I challenged him and said my wife is posting some letters and I'm turning round, all to no avail. So I was there exactly 20 seconds, lights on, engine running not parked up, wife sticking mail in a post box 15 meters away. He's writing out a ticket! So I took a picture of him, he said if I move now then the PCN will be issued by post!

So I have the phone records that show the time I sent the text, a photo of the womble ticketing my car 20 secs later, and the time on the ticket shows 17.28 so less than 100 seconds to ticket somebody still in their car, engine running, lights on and a wife stuffing letters in a post box! Must be a record!

Oh and to rub salt into the wound, a post office van turned up, he parked alongside of me to empty the post box, now he was "parked", engine off, lights off and out of the van! He was not ticketed, then low and behold a council truck turned up to empty the rubbish bins!

So needless to say, this is getting challenged:
1. I refuse to fund facists regimes.
2. I will upload the pictures of the womble to the internet, who knows he may become an internet sensation.
3. Cannot be my fault if certain other people download his image and post it on every lamp post in the town stating "Beware Facist at Work".
4. Writing to Stratford District Council informing them, that all the time this facist is employed by them I am with-holding payment of Concil Tax!

The next few months should be interesting!

Oh and the PCN is not filled in correctly, no colour of the car, no time to get all the details correct in 20 seconds I suppose!

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