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challenging a PCN

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I've received a PCN from the local authority because I'd parked on a yellow line. At the time of the alleged offence the road was closed due to road works. In addition, the traffic warden gave a wrong location (which could be borne out by the photo) thereby invalidating the PCN, the problem is it was a hire vehicle and the local authority has written that I'll have to wait until a Notice To Owner has been sent, however, by then the hire company paid out the fine then charged my credit card and the local authority now claims since the PCN was paid the file is closed and no room for appeal. Can anybody advise what's my next course of action?

challenging a PCN

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Deep Doo Doo

Hi ylefko, I'm DDD, the author of the Guide Entry.

Your situation is quite a sticky one. It appears that the hire car company have admitted *your* guilt (rightly or wrongly) and have charged you accordingly. It's not quite fair, or reasonable in my opinion. I understand the authorities decision - they've got the money, so it's case closed.

I'd instigate a 'charge-back' from your credit card company (ring them and advise that the money was taken without your *express* consent). That will hopefully return the money from the hire car company to your account. Your argument, then, is purely with the hire company. They'll rely on their small print that will probably permit them to do what they have done - (always read the small print, I know I'm teaching you to suck eggs) - but it will be then down to them to pursue you for the monies they 'paid' on your behalf. They may, they may not. One things for sure, they will never hire you a car again.

There are alternatives which I can help you to consider, but the authority has reacted the way most authorities will - someone admitted guilt and paid the penalty. It may not have been you, but the penalty was paid and the matter is now closed.

Let me know how you get on. smiley - ok

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