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TfL (PCN) Penalty Charge Notice

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I have received a PCN from Transport for London together with two prints of digital images taken from a street mounted traffic enforcement camera. These images confirm that I did park on a Red Route, albeit in a side road. However the location printed on the PCN stating where I committed the offence is wrong, the location stated being some 1/4 of a mile away from where the offence was committed. The location specified on the PCN has no red, yellow or any other parking restrictions.

Given that the information printed on the PCN is wrong but there is photographic evidence to confirm that I did commit an offence albeit at another location, is anyone able to confirm to me that the PCN is still valid?

Best Regards

Charterhouse 23

TfL (PCN) Penalty Charge Notice

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Deep Doo Doo

I'd would definitely challenge it. The PCN is the official document that details the alleged contravention. Make representations under:

4. The alleged parking contravention did not occur.

The PCN alleges that you contravened parking regulations at a location where (you state that) you didn't. As such, the contravention did not occur. You have documentary proof (provided by the authorities) that the contravention did not occur on the date and time at the location detailed in the PCN. If your representations are not upheld by the authority, they almost certainly will be on appeal.

Bear in mind that although this PCN appears to be incorrectly issued, the authority may still seek redress for the contravention at the other location by issuing a correct PCN.

Give it a go. It can be quite fun. Good luck! smiley - biggrin

TfL (PCN) Penalty Charge Notice

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Many thanks for the feedback / advise. I will 'give it a go' as you suggest.

Best regards.

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