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Has anyone ...

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OB1 (retired)

... seen the movie of MTY3K ??

Sooo funny. I had watched and loved most of the TV shows, but had none on tape to show my girlfriend (who had not seen them!). We saw there was a movie in the local video shop, v. cool!

The sad part is that I have seen most of the movies they show! and loved them, for their badness that is.

Funny thing is that a friend of mine and myself used to do the samething of talking over tv/movies before we saw this program! Used to drive his mother up the wall!!!

Has anyone ...

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Hunter, who is rarely on H2G2 anymore.

I saw that movie in a theater.

It was the first MST3K I ever saw. I was Really funny.
i hate the movie "This Island Earth" It deserves a far more brutal mocking.

smiley - fish
Clipboard - feels that he is marroned on this island earth but prefers it to gillagan's island

Has anyone ...

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Hello. I saw the movie too but I didn't like it nearly as much as the TV episodes. It was really just like one of the TV episodes but with better special effects and film quality, which kind of ruined it for me. But I still love the TV shows.

Has anyone ...

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Klonia Servo, almighty goddess of the universe, MiSTie supreme...or at least on Thursdays.

The movie had none of the obscure references that we normally expect from an episode of MST3K, but that was Gramercy's fault. It was quite nice to see more of the ship though.

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