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MST3K Fans?

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Hi guys - I just joined up. Out of curiosity, are there a lot of MST3K fans in this place, or are we fairly in the minority? Also, can I play the "guess the quote" game with you? Huh? Please? smiley - smiley

MST3K Fans?

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Spaceboy Zoom

I am a huge fan... or at least was... until it got bad (read after it went on scifi channel) But I have like 80 hours of older episodes on tape and have a lot of fun watching them and drinking with my friends... and with that in mind
"Let's drink alot" (guess the quote *grin*)
spaceboy zoom

MST3K Fans?

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I am, and have been, a fan of MST3K for a long time; ever since I saw it while channel surfing and wondered what those crazy shadows were infront of the movie...anyone know what they are?
Anyway, I'm still sorta unhappy that they were canceled...but mostly because I couldn't get that episode on tape...but I saw the unfortunate and somewhat untimely end of the show coming.
I just hope that there will be something new...maybe another movie or one more episode in the future.

MST3K Fans?

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Spaceboy Zoom

Nah, just let them die in peace...

We can remember them when they were good... we can forget everything we don't like if we try hard enough...

Ah, MST3K... that's that show with Joel, and those crazy bots... too bad it disappeared moments before mike took over... smiley - winkeye

MST3K Fans?

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It wasn't so bad the first two seasons Mike was onboard. "The Mole People" (two, three years ago?) was the funniest showing I had seen in a long time. I literally fell off the couch laughing.

I first discovered MST3K like so many others--channel surfing and coming across a really bad movie with odd shadows lurking in the corner...then just about wet my pants when I heard what they were saying.

Once I actually witnessed MST3K lampooning a particular flick on Comedy Central while the Sci-Fi Channel was showing it straight up.
Fitting they would crash and burn on that waste of cable space.

MST3K Fans?

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Freemont Cornelius

Wow. Just wow. I had no idea that so many people disliked the head writer of the show since it's inception, and truely loved the guy who created the show, it seems, just because he sat in the TV Chair first.

I liked both of the hosts, and where I only like about, say, 60% of the interstisles, the theater comments are the bread and butter of this show. Truth be told I fast forward thru non-theater stuff more often than not (unless it's extremely funny, as in the case of Mike's trial/crow's deposition, or the changing of the Star babies).

I am not a big fan of MJP. I just don't think she's funny on screen. Perhaps she can write, and maybe she's a great person, but she just didn't make me laugh at all. (My grandmother's a great person, but I wouldn't put her on my TV show.)

And if I'm truely honest, I think Mike captures the sarcastic nature of the show, and presents it in a better way-- like he actually cares about the audience response.

Just thank Jebus that Kevin Murphy never left, I think we can all agree on that.

And as far as letting the show die... This is a show that could be revived at anytime, and I doubt that they would lose a step.
Or, another show of it's tpye (a MST3k: The Next Generation?) with different people (as long as they were funny) could easily revive the genre. A genre which is alive and well in our own living rooms whenever we watch a movie.

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