A Conversation for Cleaning Your Room

what if?

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what if, a few days months or years later u find the box that u shoved all the junk into...and then it's like this huge nostalgic treasure. u find small things that remind u of people and, well i'm sure all of u can relate to this experience.

what if?

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This has happened. Just last week I found a magazine from two months ago.

what if?

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and then...it tends to become that stuff that originally cluttered up your room, becoming the reason why you have to clean your room, you just can't bring yourself to throw it awaysmiley - smiley

what if?

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smiley - winkeye you could shove the mess under your bed or in a place your parents wont look like i do my cupboard is full of stuff i shove in there i can hardly open it or close itsmiley - smileysmiley - biggrin

what if?

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My technique - go and live in the attic, well out of reach of parents. This works especially well ifn you have a very difficult set of stairs to negotiate. Then spread as much junk over the floor as you bally well like.

what if?

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I made the mistake of cleaning under my daughter's bed today and found
10 smelly socks
9 dead felt pens
8 large dust bunnies
7 dirty plates and cups
6 green sandwiches (probably for the bunnies to eat)
5 lots of homework
4 odd shoes (where the other ones are I've no clue)
3 rolls of use tissue
2 bin liners of rubbish
and 1 dead mouse
Think about it!smiley - winkeye

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