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Cleaning Your Room

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A cardboard box with a halo.

Most of us are or were children, and most children need to clean their rooms. Cleaning a room involves removing or sorting junk in a living space to make it liveable again.

Some adults do this also, but without parental supervision; mostly they ignore the mess, stuff it in a closet, hire a maid, or move to a new room. These are lazy and inefficient temporary solutions. Luckily, I have found an even more lazy and inefficient temporary solution. Cleaning a room is surprisingly easy when you have an unusually large box. Simply dump all the mess into the box and shove it in a closet. This has advantages over, say, shoving the junk into a closet.

For example, if someone were to open the junk closet, they wouldn't be terribly impressed with the pile of rubbish bombarding them on the head. With the box, you would be complimented on your neat and tidy, unusually large and heavy boxes.

This method does not work as well with several small boxes.

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