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The Real Dallas

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This article, I'm afraid, shows the same "imaginary" Dallas that people base off of Texas Stereotypes. No offense to Louisiana, but this sounds a bit like smaller towns in Louisiana... Except for the no good Sushi Bars part.

The real dallas is a huge city with a Church on every corner, a tiny dose of skyscrapers, and a million things to do.

Sure, we may not be so big on Skyscrapers, but hey? 60 square miles of suburbs and stuff adds up.

I'd have to say the food here is decent, and in fact, I'd have to say it is better than some places. Though lots of it follows a Tex-Mex theme, there are several independant places that are very much in tune with the way food is served in San Antonio and Mexico.

Roads are one of the top priorities, and are always being built. The roads are better than that of some other urban cities, mainly because there is less topography to deal with.

I believe that this guide is alternative writing and should not have been edited, and that a new entry should be made to go in the edited guide.

The Real Dallas

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There *are* a lot of things to do here. I'm actually in Arlington, seeing the family, but Dallas is the ancestral home. One of my faves is the Dallas World Aquarium by the West End. There are also a million funky little clubs and shops, the area around Exposition park being a great place to find something new. All of East Dallas, really, from the old Dr Pepper plant down to Fair Park, is a treasure trove. Is Kalichanchi's mentioned in this entry? That vegetarian restaurant inside a Hare Krishna temple is excellent.

The skyscrapers we do have are lovely, IMO! Downtown, though, is all about Thanksgiving Square, if you're just looking to relax somewhere beautiful and maybe get some good people-watching in.

Plenty of good Barbeque places.

As far as the Guide, and its purpose, the Unedited Guide is in the search engine too, y'know. Why not write an entry about the "Real Dallas", MikeGuy, and throw us a link? I'll sure read it, anyway.

smiley - cheers

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