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Dallas, Texas, USA

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An odd sort of town that is more like a mega-suburb: 60 miles wide and 3 inches deep, with lots of wide open spaces, but with much shallowness of mind and heart (perhaps it's still scarred by the Kennedy tragedy).

  • Best food: Aquaknox.
  • Best drinks: The Mansion.

The only good sushi is at the Stoneleigh Hotel, but that isn't saying much.

Everyone drives here but the roads are terrible. Expect alignment problems and the need to replace shocks - often!

DFW Airport is exactly in the middle between Dallas and Fort Worth and seems to be more like a race track than anything else. Larger than Manhattan (end to end), DFW Airport is a busy hub - avoid it if possible (Love Field is far more accessible, but fewer airlines fly in to it).

Fort Worth, companion city to Dallas, is affectionately called "Cow Town" by its own residents and they are proud of that tradition. They often wear shirts that read "Life's Too Short To Live in Dallas". Don't argue the point with them - just discuss amongst yourselves. Saving graces are Meyerson Performance Hall, a modern space that attracts top-notch entertainment, and there are a number of fine shops in Fort Worth including Orvis, and a number of outlet shops. This is also the home of Tandy/Radio Shack (all hail the great chip board!). Avoid eating in Fort Worth unless you like Tex-Mex/Mix-Mex/Mexican. For that matter, most food in Dallas is like that too - but at least Dallas has a healthy dose of chain restaurants (Houstons, The Cheesecake Factory and that ilk, but not McDonalds) which attempt to broaden the palette.

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