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Well, Dallas may have shallowness of mind and heart in your opinion, but I will never say that to anyone. Just to let you know, I was born in "Cow Town" and have grown to love it (although that only happened after I moved away from it smiley - smiley). It really is a wonderful place, full of nice people, terribly hot weather, and nice spicy food. I don't see why you hold such opinions on things, you seem to be a very pesimistic person. Try looking on the bright side of things: it could be a lot worse. Oh, and if you think that the traffic and the roads were horrible there, you should come and visit where I live now(Italy). If too many people who are natives of Texas read this, you are either going to have a lot of friends or a lot of enemies.

Native Texan

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Lady Bluebonnet

I am a native and he best be careful how he talks about Texas in general. Both Dallas and Ft. Worth have their good and bad qualities. Both lean pretty much on the side of good. If you don't like folks don't like it here, then let them take the same way out of town that got them here.

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