A Conversation for Butterfly Bushes


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Having had Buddleias in the last few places I've lived, I'm a great fan. I have never, however, cut them as back as drastically as suggested (or indeed at all). Is this really such a good idea? Who has done so and been pleased with the result?


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The Dancing Tree

Don't worry: they're hardy little buggers. Cut 'em right back and they go "right then - I'll grow even *bigger* next year".


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Opal Manta

Definately true beyond a shadow of a doubt - a friend of mine had one, which (being totaly disinterested in gardening) he tried to kill off by cutting every hint if a branch or twig off (it had a trunk 5" wide) and he thought that would do it in for sure. It is now getting it's revenge by slowly demolishing his fence. It is very pretty though.

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