A Conversation for Drinking in Australia

It's a roadie!

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Flying Penguin

I wouldn't ever leave my money lying around in a pub in Sydney. Sometimes you have to fight the barmaid to get your change back.

I've always called a beer you take with you on the walk to the pub (or drink in the back seat on a car trip) a roadie, i.e. "one for the road". A traveller is the person drinking the roadie.smiley - drunk

It's a roadie! With bum crack!

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Where ever you are from Penguin, it ain't Victoria. In Vic a "roadie" is some one who lugs equipment for bands. Roadies occasionally appear on-stage to make running repairs. At such times they display the obligatory four inches of arse crack when any bending is required, as they tend to move in the crouch position this is all the time.
A "traveller" in Vic refers to the mobile beverage. A jorney's distance is often described in terms of stubbies/cans consumed in the duration.
As for leaving money on the bar, this may not be case in Sydney (Sydney siders being thieving bastards) and in some of the seedier pubs in Melbourne, but the practice of money on the bar being sacrosanct certainly holds true in country Victoria.

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