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Types of beer

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Old Net Lunatic

I'm off to OZ for the first time next week and I was wondering about beer brands. We are going to Sydney then Queensland. Over here I drink real ale or Belgian beer, and Stella as a lager choice.

Anyone got any recommendations?

Types of beer

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Researcher 183708

VB VB VB VB VB VB VB vb Vb Vb vb vb Bv VG VB Vb BB (Falls down in a drunken stupor)

Types of beer

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I'm off to Oz in 10 weeks, and don't really drink lager. I'm more of a bitter gal myself. Will I be laughed out of town if I ask for this, or can I get by on my favourite tipple without to much 'agro'?

Types of beer

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Old Net Lunatic

Go for 'old' ales as they call them (Toohey's Old for ex) . They tend to be darker in colour however they are served very cold, too cold in my opinion, but depending on what time of year you go and where you go, you just might appreciate a cold one!

Types of beer

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yes, unlike the rumour my usual order is a vodka lemon and lime or one of the many mixers in a can or bottle, and
VB... what else needs to be said

Types of beer

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plastic lemming

re drinking beer in australian pubs... dont

we brew particularly bad beer

if u can get hold of it Mountain Goat Beer is actually very good

but there is a very good reason y aussies drink ice-cold beer

ps never never never say this to an aussie, particularly a bloke

Types of beer

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smiley - tongueoutsmiley - tongueoutsmiley - alesmiley - ale
I'm looking back over fifty years ago in Brisbane and loved

Bulimba Pilsner Beer,with Castlemaine Perkins as a fall back.

It was wartime and beer was scarce,but occasionally a bottle

of Richmond Tiger was available.Tooths or Tooheys in NSW.

We used to sing - she'll be drinking Tooheys Larger when she

comes (around the mountain,of course).Cascade had the best name

of all.Lots more but that's enough for now.

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