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Maths vs Math

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According to the FAQ of an newsgroup on the english language (which I can't quite remember the name of at the moment) states that if an abbreviation does not end with the same letter of the word it's an abbreviaton of, it should have a dot after it.

So, 's either maths with no dot or math. with a dot.

Um.... (is getting a terrible feeling the editors were being sarcastic). *Shrug*, ah well, you get what you ask for, eh?

Maths vs Math

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cafram - in the states.

mmm - My English teacher goes ON and ON about that.

Math sounds wrong anyway!!

Bouncy bouncy. smiley - smiley

Maths vs Math

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Simple. Math sounds wrong, and mathematics is a plural so so should the abbreviation be.

Maths vs Math

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Math - Playing Devil's Advocate

And anyway Math is me smiley - winkeye

Math (check my space for a bit more on the name, but it really mine not the subjects smiley - tongueout)

Maths vs Math

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smiley - evilgrinCan I help it that I lisp?

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