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Dividing By Zero

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Imagine a straight line, something which couldnt possibly exist yet does it has no area and no width taking it as an object however area/width would not give you the length and so must be either sebstituted or left as impossible.

Dividing By Zero

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Calculator Nerd 256

area = 0
width = 0
length = 0/0 = (all real numbers) or infinity
same is true for a plane: no volume, no height, infinity squared area
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Dividing By Zero

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Surely, dividing by a number approaching Zero?

Dividing By Zero

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All depends on what kind of zero you mean.

(phi), the null set, no such thing.

0, zero, none in stock.

Zero is often used as limit which might more properly be expressed as (1/infinity) or ('i'/infinity), where 'infinity' is defined as an undefined limit the infinity sign as the 'undefined limit sign' and 'i' is the square root of (-1).

Dividing By Zero

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smiley - biro there should be a comma between the words 'limit' 'the'.

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