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Very good article on the Box! I just want to offer a few corrections.... First.. "Curtis" Brubaker was the original designer (along with Todd Gerstenberger) not "Chris" ....Second, ..The company that bought it Was "Automecca" (Mike Hanson Prez.) and the Number produced was only about 50, not 500. How do I know this? I own one, Im "AEROMECCA" As of today we know of only maybe 6-8 of these vehicles still existing, The movies they were used in are "Soylent Green" and "Virtual Combat" as well as the Sat. morning T.V. show..."Jason and the Ark". And yes......... You will never drive anything that draws a crowd like these do, it actually gets a bit annoying at times. smiley - smileysmiley - smiley Dennis Bangert, [email protected]

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Hello, I am a proud owner of a Brubaker Box also. Mine is one of the 35 built by Automecca. It was made in 1975.Metallic gold with a brown top.I purchased it in 1979.I would like to hear from anyone who still has one. Carl

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Hello, I have ownned my box since 1985. I have wanted to meet other owners to share info for a long time. I am real new to computers,internet and trying to make up for lost time. I would like to share my info with box owners.

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Hello, I'm interested in learning as much as possible about the Brubaker Box.... Automecca Roamer Sportsvan.

In particular, I wish to know where one can purchase the fiberglass body as I have a chassis already.

I would buy an entire one if I need to.

My plans are to make a 100% electric version of this vehicle.

Any input you may have would be GREAT. I can't seem to find much online about who is supposed to be making these kits now.


You can email me at [email protected]

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Hi, I'm Deborah Wirth, and my dad is Mike D Hansen, who owned and operated AutoMecca in the 70's and produced the Brubaker Box vans (aka AutoMecca Sports Van). We are writing a book about the car and are trying to contact as many Box owners as possible for inclusion in the book. We also have a Facebook group called Brubaker Box Fans so if you are on Facebook, please join our group. If you still own your Box, I'd love to hear from you at [email protected]! Thanks.

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