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I was raised by Mormons, who trace the ancestry of their faith back to the meso american area, where there was a great battle that left only one man standing. His name was purported to be Mormon. He allegedly wrote the history of their lost two tribes that immigrated in wooden ships fashioned to stayu afloat as they made their way across the pacific ocean to the Americas.

I've a query as to the veracity of this story about the Nephites and Lamanites( allegedly the ancestors of our Native american clans on both the american continents.) and would be interested in a comparative/contrast piece about the two topics.

I know there may be differences of opinions and beliefs about this topic, but then what is there to opine about if not those differing opinions.

May we all strive to learn more about your planet.

Martian Mike!


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Good day again,
I am fully aware that there are some bugs and qirks in my previous entry. This is how I learn.

M_M ;o)~

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