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forget Italy, go to BROOKLYN

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I am very sorry to all Italians actually in Italy, but the best pizza in the world is to be found in Brooklyn, NY, USA. Do not argue with me unless you have been there, and have eaten at Nino's pizzeria on Clinton St in Carroll Gardens. Sure, the "complex" pizzas (such as white pizza with ricotta, mozzarella, spinach, mushrooms, and garlic) are great, but Nino also makes the best damn plain slice on earth. And in direct conflict with the above entry (again, my apologies, but I really do feel very strongly about this) I must state my fervent belief that pizza as most of the world knows it today was in fact invented in Brooklyn, in the first half of the 20th century. Italian pizza in Italy is wonderful, it really is, it's just different, and I think that when most people (aside from Tuscans, perhaps) think of pizza, they think of a big pie, crust crispy but still tender, gooey mozzarella with a hint of olive oil in the grease, etc etc, which is purely a New York invention.
Ok, now that I've made myself hungry and homesick, I'll stop ranting...

forget Italy, go to BROOKLYN

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Researcher 204598

Pizza is a food group unto itself. The best, however, is in Chicago. I have had Brooklyn, roll-up style, pizza. It is good, but IMHO, deep dish, Chicago-style pizza is superior. Matter of preference, I suppose...

forget Italy, go to BROOKLYN

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No offence but,

Typical American arrogance.

forget Italy, go to BROOKLYN

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I'll have to disagree with the "typical american arrogance" remark. I do agree, and this is coming from an american, that Americans are in fact very arrogant but pizza and preference is just sheerly opinion. If anything, if one says "typical american arrogance" at an opinion on pizza is being arrogant themself. I'm not saying i'm not arrogant, i know i'm very arrogant, egotistical, and an over all New Jersey Born bastard, but before you start calling people arrogant think for yourself if the remark you're making is arrogant unto itself. Of course though, no offence.

forget Italy, go to BROOKLYN

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I've eaten the worst and the best pizza in countries from a fair selection (including Finland!, Italy and the US), and to be fair the worst pizza I had was in Itlay - but also the best..

By far and away the best was from a pizzeria with a wood oven in the narrow streets in the old part of Naples - that's Naples Italy BTW smiley - winkeye
For one thing the Mozzarela di buffala (or fior di latte, not sure which) is incredible and is totaly unlike any of the tasteless plastic gunge that we get in the supermarkets.

I've not eaten the Brooklyn version but I'm sure it's very tasty.

Forza Napoli.

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