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Thanks for this intriguing article.

Some thoughts;

Self-fulfilling Paradox
Z'ha'dum is not spelt 'Zahadoom'! Sheridan had been talking about going to Z'ha'dum for a while, but the question of how to interpret Delenn's comment in the future settled the matter. Maybe if he took her advice, the bad thing would happen that would cause the fall of Centauri Prime. So he didn't take her advice.

Temporal Duplication
Three triluminaries existed but only two were ever made. The third looped around in time as you described.

Self-Creating Paradox
My favourite example of this one is the Dr Who story The Day of the Daleks'. Dr. Who should get a mention somewhere!
Guerillas from the 22nd century go back in time to the 20th to kill Sir Reginald Styles who is holding a conference to broker world peace. They believe that Styles was a terrorist who blew up the conference to start a world war. The war caused great devastation, and allowed the Daleks to invade Earth. The 22nd century guerillas want to kill Styles to stop him from starting the war, thus changing the future. The Doctor realises that it was their attempt to kill Styles that caused the explosion and started the war. He manages to stop the explosion, and the world is saved.

Thanks for a good article!

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Tonsil Revenge (PG)

"As a result of this, Data's head is now 300 years older than his body."

Inserts finger horizontally between lips and goes: Bur-ree-bur-bur-bur-burb!
smiley - headhurts

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